Rush Limbaugh launches a line of very patriotic Republican iced tea

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Rush Limbaugh

I really like tea. Which is why it saddens me that tea is one step closer to being officially rebranded as the conservative fringe's evil drink of choice. Rush Limbaugh, who for all intents and purposes is the fat lizard king of the Tea Party movement, has launched his own line of bottled iced tea, appropriately called Two If By Tea

Its label shows a caricature of Limbaugh as Paul Revere (straight from ringing those bells, I imagine), carrying a bottle of tea with an American Flag on the label in a tricorn hat beneath the banner "From Tea to Shining Tea." It's a beverage wrapped in jingoism wrapped in some really dumb puns, and it costs two dollars a bottle. (Shipping is free!) 

Does Rush Limbaugh need to get any richer? Of course not. But he will anyway. Although he has said he'll donate the first hundred grand of profits to a Marine-themed charity, after that, the proceeds will belong to him. (Only Rush Limbaugh could find a Marine charity.) 

The only question that remains is: if Rush Limbaugh is the Tea Party's king, is Michele Bachmann its queen? Will she be launching her own line of red, white, and blue apple-pie tins?