Safe-sex group banned from NH high schools for strawberry-flavored lube

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More controversy in the "Live Free or Die" state: parents of students at Monadnock High School were up in arms last month, when an AIDS-prevention group visited the school for World AIDS Day. AIDS Services of the Monadnock Region handed out kits that contained not only condoms and candy, but also strawberry-flavored lubricant. The students who received the kits were only fourteen, while the legal age of consent in New Hampshire is sixteen. Parents expressed anger over the message they felt the fruity lube was sending, probably envisioning their kids on an MTV reality show.

One parent called the kits' contents "sexually enticing products." AIDS Services has now been banned from the Monadnock School District, and school-board member Bruce Barlow explained, "When the decision was made to include strawberry-flavored lube in that bag, all common sense left the room. You can't hand something like that to a fourteen-year-old boy and expect him to respond to it as an adult would." Hey New Hampshirites, don't forget to support the upcoming chastity belt and hair-shirt drive — it's for a good cause.