Same-sex marriage bill passes in Washington state

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It's a good moment for proponents of same-sex marriage! Last week, the State Senate approved a bill legalizing the (governmental) legitimacy of my future union with Eli Manning, and last night it passed in the House with a 55-43 vote. This would make Washington the seventh state in the US to recognize same-sex marriage. (But also maybe California will again? Does that retroactively make Washington the eighth? That whole situation is so goddamn confusing.) Governor Chris Gregoire is expected to sign the bill into law next week. Some people were very pleased:

"The court addressed the question of why marriage matters directly," [gay Rep. Jamie Pederson] said, and read a section from the ruling that stated "marriage is the name that society gives to the relationship that matters most between two adults."

"I would like for our four children to grow up understanding that their daddy and their poppa have made that kind of a lifelong commitment to each other," he said. "Marriage is the word that we use in our society to convey that idea."

Some people were butt-hurt:

Rep. Jay Rodne of Snoqualmie said that the measure "severs the cultural, historical and legal underpinnings of the institution of marriage."

"This bill is really an exercise of raw political power," he said. "It contravenes human nature and it will hurt families and children."

Thanks for playing, but I'm afraid you're a terrible historian! Cleopatra married her brother; that sounds pretty historical to me. Any sisters kicking around, Jay?

And some people were heart-warming in their reasons for crossing the aisle to vote in favor of the measure:

"Why in the world would we not allow those equal rights to those individuals who are truly committed to each other in life?" [Republican Rep. Maureen Walsh] asked. She noted that her daughter told her she was gay a few years ago.

"Nothing's different," she said. "She's still a fabulous human being. And some day, by God, I want to throw a wedding for that kid."

Good job, Washington. Seven or maybe eight down, forty-three or maybe forty-two to go.