Sarah Palin and Donald Trump hang out in at a chain pizzeria in New York City

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Donald Trump and Sarah Palin

A meeting of two of the most mockable minds went down yesterday, at a chain Italian restaurant in Times Square. (Where else?) Sarah Palin and Donald Trump took a limo to Famiglia's Famous Pizza (Sbarro's must have been all booked up) where they gobbled down a few pies and engaged in deep political discourse, which mostly entailed figuring out who was less likely to run for president. It was the weirdest photo-op thus far in Palin's already weird, secretive bus tour.

According to ABC News, here's how the evening went down:

He said: "I'll tell you she's a great woman, a terrific woman, and a great friend." Asked if he'd endorse her, Trump replied, "I'd love her to run."

She said: "What do we have in common? A love for this country and a desire to see our economy put back on the right track." She also praised "his independence, his willingness to speak his mind" …There were no endorsements, but when asked, "How about a Trump-Palin ticket?" Palin crowed, "That sounds exciting! Sounds unconventional!"

Well, that's one way of putting it.