Sarah Palin brags about her knowledge of rap, and a meme is born

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Sarah Palin's got a gun

Last week, we wrote about Michelle Obama's decision to invite "controversial" (read: not at all controversial) rapper Common to the White House poetry night, and the ensuing Conservative hoopla. The event went off without a hitch, but unsurprisingly, Sarah Palin found a way to linger in the news. After criticizing the First Lady, she returned to the social-media sphere to let us all know that she is not against rap. In fact, she's a fan: 

"I'm not anti-rap. In fact, like Bret Baier, I know the lyrics to 'Rapper's Delight,' too."

That's right kids, Sarah Palin knows her hip hop. To prove it, the good people of Twitter responded with a vengeance

Palin RapFacts

And they keep coming in. If you've got a Palin-related hip-hop pun you can get out in 140 characters or less, Tweet it @Nerve and we'll add it to this post and re-tweet.