Sarah Palin goes to war against CNN reporter at Iowa book signing

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Sarah Palin in Iowa book signing CNN video

Sarah Palin is in Iowa right now, pretending to be considering a run for President. (We all know she just wants to stir up the hornet's nest for more publicity, which boosts her bank account.) Her handlers blared country music to prevent any successful video recording or conversation during the signing, which started the moment Palin finished railing against Obama, Democrats and whatever else she thought would whip up her fanbase.

And there's nothing wrong with that — it's Palin's event, she can do whatever she wants. But that doesn't keep the whole thing from seeming really, really fascist. Watch:

Did you catch that? Palin played the music to deliberately drown out any unscripted questions… and acts like a robot when Big Brother stops blaring Country Lite 100.5 or whatever…