Sarah Palin re-tweets pro-gay rights message, confuses everyone

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Sarah Palin with a fish

Sarah Palin's Twitter feed is a very confusing thing: made-up words, bizarrely shortened words, and polemic political statements bafflingly followed by emoticons are all par for the course. However, in the past, she's at least been relatively clear in her political stance: if Obama likes it, it's wrong. At least, until late last night, when she retweeted a message from radio talk-show host — and outspoken, and out, gay activist Tammy Bruce

Sarah Palin pro gay Tammy Bruce Tweet

What's going on here? Tammy Bruce is clearly suggesting, in the wake of the D.A.D.T. repeal, that more often than not, aggressive homophobia reflects some degree of latent homosexuality — a valid, if not totally novel point.

But Sarah Palin disagrees! She thinks straight-homo showering is a bigger threat to homeland security than a mosque nine blocks from Ground Zero! Which means something messy is afoot. Has an intern or staffer gone renegade? Or does she just not understand what this Tweet is saying? Why hasn't someone taken the tweet down? 

In either case, for her, isn't this a little bit like throwing stones — from inside your glass house?