Sarah Palin snorted coke off an oil drum, according to new book

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Sarah Palin

It's pretty predictable that Joe McGinniss's tabloid-friendly book The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin is full of scintillating rumors that will be dissected in the press for oh, the next several weeks or so. Less predictable is that it comes with perhaps the most entertaining tidbit I have yet to hear in 2011: on a snowmobiling trip with her husband Todd and a few friends, Palin once blew lines of coke off of a fifty-five-gallon oil drum. Get it? Snowmobiling trip? I die. 

Aside from that truly spectacular mental image, The Rogue doesn't disappoint. McGinniss also claims that Palin got high with one of her professors at Mat-Su college, had an affair with Todd's business partner from his snowmobile dealership, and also once had a one-night stand with NBA player Glen Rice during his college days, quoting a source as saying "I remember Sarah feeling pretty good that she'd been with a black basketball star."

Some of the book's revelations aren't exactly as surprising, namely accusations that the ex-governor isn't much of an intellectual and could spend hours on end reading tabloids (instead of, you know, "all of" the national newspapers). "You know what she was? A housewife who happened to be governor. I'd fly cross-country with her many times and she'd spend the whole trip looking at People magazine," said her former head of personal security. 

Obviously this comes with the necessary caveats about fact-checking and not believing everything you read in opportunistic, sensational celebrity biographies. However, for entertainment purposes, I'm choosing to believe every last word of it.