“Sweeping, epic” film about Sarah Palin to premiere in June

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Sarah Palin will be the subject of a new, two-hour long "sweeping epic" film called, I shit you not, The Undefeated, set to premiere in June.

Apparently, Citizen Palin reached out to conservative filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon last November to make a series of videos about her controversial decision to resign as governor of Alaska with a year-and-a-half left in her term. Bannon decided to go big or go home and bankrolled a $1 million "good old-fashioned brouhaha," whatever the hell that means.

The film, set to premiere in Iowa next month, was kept under wraps for the duration of its production, and was originally titled Take A Stand, after Palin's campaign slogan during her 2006 gubernatorial run. The title has since been changed to The Undefeated, because, frankly, fuck subtlety. 

Bannon also acquired the audio rights to Going Rogue, Palin's 2009 bestseller, for use in the film, so you can watch one piece of propaganda narrated by another piece of propaganda. 

Will this film infuriate liberals and delight conservatives? Will it launch Palin into a higher level of celebrity? Will I be hammer-drunk and first in line to see this?

You betcha.