Sarah Palin’s daughter mocks her on Twitter with “lame stream media” taunt, sad emoticons

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Sarah Palinher daughter called her out on criticizing the "lame stream" media — while making an absurd amount of money as a loud and unthinking member of same. Behold: 

Bristol Palin criticizes Sarah Palin on Twitter

Oh, snap! Take that, Grizzly Mama! What are you going to do if the cubs turn against you? Call them terrorists and put crosshairs on their houses?

Now, you may say, Bristol is a kid getting mad at her mom — a totally normal thing that has nothing to do with politics. And I will say, yes, you're probably right.

And counter with this: child or not, it's valid criticism, and perhaps more likely to be heard because it comes from inside the house. And so what? Just 'cause I know this is a little bit petty doesn't make it any less fun.