Sarah Silverman to marshall “N*****head” comedy show in Rick Perry’s home state

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In an attempt to expose the lingering racism that still persists in America, Sarah Silverman has planned a comedy show in Austin, Texas for November 1st. And she's titling it, "Live From N*****head: Stripping The Paint Off Of Good Ol’ Fashioned Racism" — after Rick Perry's hunting campgrounds.

Perry's campgrounds no longer bear that name, but might have into the early years of his political career, according to a recent report from the Washington Post. In a tale of he-said-she-said, Perry claimed that the hunting lodge's former name, N*****head, had been painted over when his parents took over the lease, while others assert that they saw it there long after that.

But it looks like Sarah ain't buyin' Rick's story! She said to Entertainment Weekly:

“This is a never-forget moment. The show’s provocative name holds a mirror up to an ugliness that seems to have become yesterday’s news without having barely even made news.”

And on using such a charged title for the show:

"The positive thing about N-head and other outwardly racist actions — like trying to put the Confederate f—ing flag on Texas license plates — is that it’s no longer just a gas in the air. It’s something you can point to. It’s something you can fight against and expose. So I see this as an opportunity that should be taken.”

I wonder what the comedians (who will include Suli McCullough, Tig Notaro, Ian Edwards, Dwayne Kennedy, and W Kamau Bell) will have to say about the whole charade. There was no actual proof that the sign was or wasn't there in a certain year, just a whole lot of smack-talk about it. Still, after Perry hilariously called Herman Cain "brother" multiple times at a recent GOP debate, maybe America needs to be reminded of the racial tension that keeps rearing its head in Perry's campaign and politics in general these days.