School pulls musical with Muslim characters to “avoid controversy”

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A Pennsylvania school district decided to cancel the proposed production of Tony Award-winning musical Kismet this week — and switch it to the whitest of white musicals, Oklahoma — because some residents complained about the show's proximity to the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Honestly, I'm just too tired to really get into all this shit:

[Superintendent] Fleming said sensitivity about the play is understandable because of Flight 93's demise in nearby Shanksville, and because the sudden death of a drama student in a car crash affected students last year.

You know why the school shouldn't put on a production of Kismet? Because Kismet itself is kind of racist! And frankly not that great! (Kismet, if you don't know, is about a street poet in Baghdad and some other uninteresting stuff.) So they stopped doing a sort-of-racist thing for an even-more-racist reason! (You know what they say about two wrongs…)

Fleming says there's nothing about the musical itself that is bad (wrong again!) and that they may put it on in the future, nicely undermining whatever terrible point there was in shutting the production down in the first place. Bang up job, everyone. I'm going back to bed.