See a map of America’s most conservative states

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In what's probably the least surprising graphic we've seen in a while, a new map depicts America's increasingly conservative political climate on a state-by-state basis. Here's a spoiler alert: we're really conservative. The map is based on Gallup poll results and by the looks of things, barely a dozen states identify as having a "below average" conservative ideology. And surprise, surprise just about all of them are on the coasts.

But here's the most disheartening news to lefties. Even in some of the most liberal-leaning states, conservatives still outnumber liberals, even if it is by the smallest of margins. Just check out this swath of the northeast: Vermont, (30.7% of folks there identify as conservative to 30.5% liberal), Rhode Island (29.9% to 29.3%), and Massachusetts (29.9% to 28.0%). Head on over to The Atlantic and read more fascinating stats about political affiliation, religion, education and sexual orientation in these great states as well.