See last night’s GOP debate rendered in nostalgic AIM format

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I hate reading transcripts. No pictures, no videos… just dense, mild blocks of text and capitalized last names. The only thing I hate more than reading transcripts is actually hearing people speak in real time. And somewhere in between those two things that I hate is something else that I hate — confusing web graphics. Especially ones based on transcripts.

Except I don't hate this new 'interactive' the Washington Post has for last night's GOP debate. Even though it's basically a transcript, it's got a nice blend of visual interest. And by that, I mean it looks like an AIM chatroom.

Oh, snap. Way to call Herman Cain out on that Fed bullpucky, Ron Paul. I like that I can easily skip over all of the long, less interesting parts of last night's debate.

Maybe this is just a lame reiteration of a tired format, but in an election cycle saturated with pockmarked scatter plots, stalker maps, and at least three dozen confusing bubble graphics that bloat and shrink when you scroll over them with your cursor, it's nice to see something simple. I don't hate this. Not even a little bit. I feel like a carefree kid, just swapping emoticons with that special someone.