Sexual-harassment claims cannot crack the Black Walnut: Herman Cain’s poll numbers are rising

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Herman Cain

First things first: I'm really pleased with that headline. Second things second: Herman Cain is somehow still leading the pack of Republican primary candidates, even after all this nonsense fervor about decades-old sexual-harassment cases. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted after Cain's allegations came to light show Cain's numbers rising, leaving him neck-and-neck with Romney. 

Moreover, seven out of ten Republicans say — not that they don't believe the Cain allegations are true — but that they don't really matter when it comes to selecting a candidate. And I probably agree: it was the '90s, when suing your boss for sexual harassment was very in vogue, no named sources have come forward, we don't really know what he did, etc. etc. And anyway, we should all probably be more concerned that he has no idea what the hell he's doing than that at some point he offered to 'put some extra pepperoni on the pie' twenty years ago.  

But, that doesn't mean this doesn't bother me. Cain's continued prominence is upsetting my idea of this primary race as a seven-stages-of-grief-like cycle, where we deny the existence of Rick Santorum, get angry about Perry, depressed about Cain, and then have weird, night-before rebound sex with Gingrich before settling into weary acceptance of Mitt Romney.

If we're going to get through all of that by Christmas time, we've got to pick up the pace!