Someone is making a Ron Paul video game

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Ron Paul videogame

Some would argue that Ron Paul is cartoonish enough on his own, but that hasn't stopped one enterprising geek from creating a video game about the freedom-loving fringe candidate. With 198 supporters on its week-old Kickstarter page, "Ron Paul: The Road to REVOLution" is already past its stated goal, and should be ready sometime this summer. 

The game was created Daniel Williams (who, coincidentally, is also one of the founders of, and takes players on a fifty-state quest to destroy the Federal Reserve, collect piles of gold, and to "make liberty sexy." Additionally, there will be thirteen bosses for the main character to battle, representing each branch of the Fed.

"The Road to REVOLution" will be available to players for free online, and eventually as an iPhone and Android app as well. This raises numerous questions, chiefly which high-profile politician will next receive their own video game treatment. Maybe Newt Gingrich can star alongside Ellis the Elephant, or Mitt Romney can compete in Mario Kart while trying to keep his dog from slipping off the roof of his car? The possibilities are endless.