South Dakota denies lesbian couple drivers licenses

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South Dakota Lesbians

You might think renewing your driver's license is a bitch, but your horrific experience at the DMV's got nothing on one South Dakota couple's. Amy and Ashley Stabe, who were legally married in Iowa, are now being denied licenses with their newly married (in one case changed) names in their home state, because you guessed it, they're lesbians. 

The rejection arises from a 2006 voter-passed constitutional amendment that prohibits same-sex marriages or civil unions. A name change is apparently seen as a validation of a union that the state views as invalid. One can only imagine how frustrating this predicament is for the Stabes — not just emotionally but practically, since it's left them literally immobile. (South Dakota's not exactly known for its public transportation, is it?)

Several same-sex couples have already filed petitions, which have the backing of the American Civil Liberties Union of South Dakota.