Swiss village: Pay a pet-ownership tax, or we will execute your dog

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firing squad

The thought of Switzerland once conjured images of hot chocolate and towering mountains, but now it will be forever associated with canine firing squads. Yes, Swiss dog owners living in the town of Recovilier are being told to fork over their fifty dollars in pet taxes or their dogs will be killed. The tiny town is apparently owed hundreds of thousands of dollars by taxpayers.  

The precedent for this pet-acide? A law that was written over one hundred years ago that allows for putting dogs down when their owners refuse to pay. To put the enactment of such an outdated law in perspective, New York still has a law on the books that calls for a twenty-five dollar flirting fine, which if they decided to enforce, could probably solve our debt problems but would ultimately lead to riots.

So while the Swiss insist on these drastic measures, feel free to eat a burger or walk around town in your fur coat without the fear of moos or red paint. PETA officially has bigger things to deal with.