Tea Party and activists meet, in a clash of old white people

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Say what you will about the Tea Party's politics, but demographically, they're kind of old. And white. And, while we're at it, let's also note that people affiliated with aren't exactly the Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers. But still, I would have thought that a face-to-face protest between these two groups would have ended in something other than some awkward shuffling and quietly snippy words.

Apparently, the clash started when about eighteen "women older than sixty-five," organized through, held a potluck gathering at River Forks Park in Douglas County, Oregon. However, the local chapter of the Koch brothers-spawned Americans for Prosperity wasn't about to let these Marxists enjoy their bean dip in a place expressly designed for public gathering, so they rallied the troops, tottered on down to the park, and started heckling.

The MoveOn folks packed up and left to the wafting strains of comments like "We want a free America," and "Take your Marxist agenda with you," but they were followed back to their homes by members of Americans for Prosperity, who hung out at the entrance to the group's driveway and continued their slow, ungainly campaign of intimidation.

I'm not going to offer any commentary on this — I believe the utter inanity of one group of seniors chasing another off of public property speaks for itself.

Instead, I suggest you watch the video with another tab in your browser open playing a segment of Night of the Living Dead, or, if you prefer your soundtracks a bit more surreal, try the Carnival of the Animals, by Camille Saint-Saëns. That way, you can forget these are grown men and women squabbling like chickens and pretend you're watching a David Fincher movie.