Tea Party launches new magazine

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As if you needed a reason to feel worse about the state of print journalism, the Tea Party has just announced the launch of its new magazine, Tea Party Review. It's set to debut at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this weekend. Here's just a sampling of the actual headlines you'll find inside:

  • Obama's War on the First Amendment… and the Rest of the Constitution
  • Why the Tea Party Movement is the Mainstream in American Politics
  • What They Don't Want You to Know about "Progressives"
  • Goldman Sachs, BP, Enron: Is "Green Energy" the Scam of the Century?
  • Glenn Beck vs. the Communist Party: A Tale of Two Rallies
  • The Left's War on Science and Reason
  • How the Top Colleges Turn Kids into Stupid Leftists

Nothing new here. Everyone already knew environmental sustainability and higher education are total rip-offs. Though now you can read about it while visiting your great-aunt. It'll be on her coffee table, right alongside the large-print edition of the TV Guide and the latest Bill O'Reilly treatise.