Tea Party leader arrested for trying to bring a gun on a plane

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Tea Party leader arrested

Is it because Occupy Wall Street is winning in the "movement of the year" contest? Are you missing the warmth of the spotlight, now that you and your organization have been out of the news for a while? Because, really, why else would you walk into an airport with a semi-automatic weapon and tons of ammo

Mark Meckler, a prominent Tea Party leader and founder of the Tea Party Patriots, handed a locked gun box to a Delta ticketing agent yesterday at LaGuardia airport. According to protocol, he was then arrested, since, you know, you're not allowed to bring guns on planes. 

The gun was legally registered to Meckler and he had a permit to carry it in California. According to Meckler, he was bringing it with him "because he gets threats." According to a Port Authority spokesperson (and common sense), that doesn't mean you can bring a weapon on an airplane. 

Now, you could say that if you're bummed out about all the "threats" you get, you should work on being less of a crazy person, rather than trying to carry a gun on an airplane. But in either case, it's a pretty flimsy excuse that reads more like a calculated move to get yourself and a blurb about your misinterpretation of the Second Amendment into the papers. 

Which obviously worked, albeit in a pretty transparent way. It's like something 30 Rock's Jenna Maroney would do to "help her career" if one of the other actors got some good press or a free sweater. The only difference is that Jenna would have the good sense to make Kenneth carry the gun.