Teen banned from prom for tasteful, Vera Wang-inspired Confederate flag dress

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Remember senior prom? Limousines, expensive corsages, champagne, that stolen kiss from the girl you've loved since freshman year. Just kidding, no one does any of that stuff except in TV shows. Though, speaking of terrible ideas, a girl from Gibson County High School in Tennessee just got banned from prom for wearing a Confederate flag dress

The high-school senior in question, Texanna Edwards (I made a conscious decision to not make fun of her name, because some things are just too easy) said that she was inspired to wear the dress because of the amount of Confederate flag garb Gibson County students wear on a daily basis. 

It wasn't done to offend anybody… it was just done for the sole fact that I wanted a rebel flag dress because I thought it was cool. 

And, really, what's un-cool about wearing the Confederate flag? Oh, right: slavery. And the Civil War? And that law that counted black people as three-fifths of a person? Those things. And, one more time, just for the Yankee-hating, "the South-will-rise-again" folk who are cracking their knuckles in anticipation of an angry comment battle, let me just say, slavery. 

Texanna noted that she was immediately told to leave the prom, something that did not happen last year when she wore a camouflage dress. Of course, one pattern is a symbol of not being seen, and the other is a symbol for a large group of people that didn't want another large group of people to be seen as people, period.

Look, Tex, you have your whole life ahead of you. There will be plenty of soirees to attend and plenty of flag-dresses to be worn. Have you seen the Nepalese flag? Very slimming.