The ten best signs at this weekend’s pro-choice rallies

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When Republicans passed a bill to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood clinics, I'm sure they expected backlash. What they did not anticipate, I imagine, is that the backlash would in the form of witty, referential signage from a generation steeped in internet and pop culture.

The ever-present "my body, my choice" signs could still be seen at many of the pro-choice rallies that took place across the country this weekend, but alongside them were a multitude of meme and Jersey Shore references. Enjoy ten of the best.

The Bill O'Reilly Meme Reference

pro-choice rally signs


The Hipster Cartoon Reference


The Star Wars Reference


The Sassy Gay Friend Reference


The Jersey Shore Reference

pro-choice rally sign


The Literary Reference


The Lorena Bobbitt Reference


The Kanye West Reference

pro-choice rally signs


The Racist Advertisement Reference

pro-choice rally signs


The Truth