There is an Obama mannequin, and it will most likely give you nightmares

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Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine spots a mannequin at an upscale clothing store that looks just like her, and the saleswoman keeps putting it in compromising sexual positions, and she's so creeped out that she embarks on a quest to find out where the mannequin came from? We imagine that the President of the United States would probably feel the same way if he found out there was a dummy made in his likeness.

The fiberglass, full-length mannequin is available in both full-body and head form. As you can see it's as anatomically correct as a Ken doll, which is more than totally fine with me, and it features a rather Christian Bale-in-American Psycho-esque interpretation of the POTUS's physique.

Although it's difficult to imagine any semi-reasonable explanation for why anyone would be in the market for a giant Obama doll, according to a spokesperson for the company, the demand for an Obama mannequin was so great that they decided to produce it for retail use. So if you spot the President of the United States chilling in a Gap store window, looking like he's having way too much fun in his khakis, it's probably inadvisable to go up to him and start a debate about Middle Eastern foreign policy.