Tom Petty won’t let Michele Bachmann play “American Girl” at campaign rallies

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Michele Bachmann

Just on the heels of her campaign's misuse of the Katy Perry's LGBT-friendly anthem "Firework," Michele Bachmann is now under fire for using Tom Petty's classic "American Girl." Though Petty gave Hillary Clinton permission to use the 1977 track in her 2008 campaign, he's issued a cease-and-desist letter to Bachmann for trying to do the same. Sick burn! Petty also took issue with George W. Bush a few years back for trying to use "Won't Back Down."

I never get tired of it when musicians call out politicians they hate for appropriating their music, though at the rate she's going it looks like Bachmann might have to stick to Public Domain's greatest hits for the rest of the campaign. Just for kicks, check out this live version of "American Girl" below: