Twitter users announce Canadian election results, break the law

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Everyone was all excited about Osama's death and the Royal Wedding and the White House Correspondents' dinner, so they over-looked the hugest, most extraordinarily important event of them all. Our friendly northern neighbor — Canada — had an election! Now you might be thinking, "Canada has elections?" but it's true, I swear.

Not only did it have game-changing results — the conservative government has taken complete control for the first time in five years — but it was also the subject of an online controversy when results were prematurely announced via Twitter before the polls closed. The results were then accidentally broadcast on the CBC, unwittingly breaking a little law called Section 329 of the Elections Act, which prohibits the transmission of election results before the polls are officially closed. The problem was immediately recognized and apologized for (so Canadian of them).
Ah, Twitter. Breaking the news, breaking the law. Changing everything.