Uganda bans newspaper from outing gays

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uganda newspaper lists homosexuals

A Ugandan High Court has ruled that members of the media cannot publish lists of individuals they believe to be gay. The lawsuit was brought against The Rolling Stone newspaper by three men who were included in the paper's "we think they're gay" list. One of last year's gay-shaming lists helpfully included the headline "Hang them" above the pictures and full names of alleged gays. Unsurprisingly, many individuals on the list received threats and reportedly feared for their safety.

The three plaintiffs were also awarded 1.5m Ugandan shillings (the shilling still exists?), amounting to approximately $650, in compensation. Gay-rights activists are calling the court decision a "landmark victory" for gays in Uganda. However, it's still illegal to be gay in Uganda, and last year a local MP actually called for the death penalty for some homosexual acts. So, it's still shitty and super-scary to be a Ugandan gay, but this measure provides at least some level of protection from the media.