“Unemployed” Mitt Romney planning to quadruple size of $12 million mansion

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Mitt Romney, who previously joked about being "unemployed," is planning a sizable upgrade of his twelve-million-dollar beachfront mansion in La Jolla, California. He's filed an application for a coastal development permit, intending to knock down his current 3,009-square-foot Pacific Ocean-facing home, and replacing it with a brand-new 11,062- square-foot pleasure dome. 

A Romney campaign official explained that the Bain Capital co-founder and his wife, Ann, want to enlarge their home due to the growing size of their family, which includes sixteen grandchildren. And money should be no object, as disclosure documents filed recently with the FEC indicate that the Romneys have personal assets in the neighborhood of $260 million. 

John McCain, like John Kerry, married an extremely wealthy woman, and took hits in the previous presidential race for appearing to not know the extent of he and his wife Cindy's own real-estate holdings, which opponents seized on as a sign of McCain being out of touch. It turned out the McCains owned eight homes.

The Washington Post speculates that Romney may have viewed the criticism of McCain for owning too many properties as a potential liability for himself, and indeed, Romney has recently sold off multi-million-dollar homes in Massachusetts and Utah. "Wealthy politician" has probably never been an oxymoron, and in a capitalistic system, the spoils go to the victor. So what does everyone think, in today's belt-tightening environment, are Romney's home-expansion plans something that could be used against him in a campaign, or are they his own business that shouldn't be used as political ammo?