The C.I.A. had a secret torture prison in Poland

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Secret CIA torture prison

Or at least it's really starting to look that way. The latest in a series of statements and revelations strongly suggests that from 2002 to 2003, the CIA ran a "black site" (probably the creepiest phrase in the English language, next to "I'm looking right at you" and "The Lord has a plan for me") in Poland used to perform so-called enhanced interrogation on terrorism suspects. News that confirms several things I've long thought: Poland is a little creepy, and everything in the Bourne movies is real.

According to the Associated Press, the long-rumored but previously-considered-a-consipracy-theory prison was in a lush wooded area in remote Poland and held eight terrorism suspects who were subjected to harsh questioning and waterboarding — or torture, as everyone not named Dick Cheney calls it. The prison in Poland is thought to be one of multiple offshore CIA prisons, with others in Lithuania and Thailand.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk (who wasn't in office in the period in question) has been making the prisons an issue of Polish sovereignty and transparency, saying that Poland will no longer be a place where Western superpowers can go to carry out their shady dealings. Many are calling this a positive step, both for Poland's maturing twenty-three-old democracy and since it might make it harder for the CIA to commit so many goddamn sinister crimes. 

Now Poland just has to work on a couple more things to shake off their reputation as creepy Eastern European backwater where it's cheaper to have someone killed than it is to get a real Sony TV. I suggest they start by investing in some vowels and closing down the Chapel of Skulls.