Virginia town among the ten most obscene cities in America

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Obscene moment

The hamlet of Ashburn, Virginia was named America's "most obscene" city — but is it all a statistical fluke?

The website Business Insider claims it punched in George Carlin's seven dirty words into Google trends to find out where those obscenities popped up the most and determined Ashburn was #1. But internet users had an explanation handy for why this happened:

AOL's ISP traffic is routed through Ashburn, VA, and that's all that is visible to geo-IP lookup services such as the one Google likely uses.

The correct conclusion based on the data is that dial-up internet users probably use more profanity than broadband users.

Not everyone bought it. One man from Ashburn called the story "BULL$HIT!" which may only have helped Business Insider's case. I think we can all agree that #10, Los Angeles, is a filthy cesspool of indecency… and I'm not just talking about the highways there.

Seriously, though, here's the rest of the list:

10. Los Angeles, California

9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

8. Louisville, Kentucky, which has slipped a few places in recent years (probably because everyone realized Google Trends was monitoring their every comment)

7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6. Newark, New Jersey

5. Irvine, California

4. Rochester, New York

3. Herndon, Virginia (you'll note both the #3 and #1 choice are from the same region)

2. Tampa, Florida,

1. Ashburn, VA

The full list and explanations are over at Business Insider.