Voters still concerned by Barack Obama being black

Barack Obama

Not content to simply worry about terrorism, attempts to totally eliminate reproductive rights, or our abysmal economy, a number of voters, even those who typically vote for Democrats, are still pretty upset about Barack Obama's race. The New York Times spoke with voters in Steubenville, Ohio as a litmus test, and the results were bleak.

"He was like, 'Here I am, I'm black and I'm proud,'" the Times quotes one voter saying. "To me, he didn't have a platform. Black people voted him in, that's why he won. It was black ignorance." Another, who said that she voted for Ralph Nader in 2008,  added, "I'll just come right out and say it: he was elected because of his race."

Even one voter who actively supports Obama said, "Blacks came out to vote for the first time because he was black, and you had all these whites saying, 'Oh, there's another vote from some drug addict.'" Oh.

Now, do these voters represent all Americans, and does this mean their traditionally Democratic district will suddenly skew Republican in the 2012 elections? No, and probably no. Is it regressive and depressing? Obviously. I'd recommend bracing yourselves, just in case Mitt Romney seizes on this issue as a misguided selling point for his own campaign — it's eminently possible.

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May 04 12 - 11:43am
Pot-er Head

Speechless, this makes me simply speechless. I voted for him because I thought he could do good for us(yes, im intentionally using good instead of well and not to troll). It saddens me that people in America still place this much emphasis on race. I hope one day racism is gone, but I'm not going to hold my breath someone might hate me for being blue skinned.

May 04 12 - 12:02pm

The article referenced just has a bunch of people quoted who think other people have a problem with his race.

May 05 12 - 2:41am

...and don't forget he's really only half-black! If he were also half-woman, he could almost be all things to all people! The ultimate politician.
I voted for him because he is dignified and intelligent, and showed the rest of the world that America does have a brighter future than everyone thought. And that is my criteria for the next election too.

May 05 12 - 1:38pm

+ a bunch

May 06 12 - 6:04pm
Hey Kel

Tell us again how the Kingston Trio didn't record "Early Morning Rain.". Be as arrogant as you were last time so that everyone can see what an ass you are.

May 05 12 - 7:40pm

Well, Obama is still engaged in the effrontery of being black, so I'm not surprised. If he simply stopped being black, this wouldn't be a problem anymore.

Go ahead, tell me again how the birther/Kenyan/Muslim/dog-eater stuff isn't pure and simple racism. Yeah, let's hear that again. And I'm not saying that anyone opposed to his policies is racist; you can oppose his policies or his values as a president and not be a racist. But if you question where he was born, whether he's American, whether he's a Christian, or are bothered by something he ate when he was a child, then you are a racist.

May 06 12 - 3:06pm

Can I say that it's not pure and simple racism, inandasmuch as there's some xenophobia and Islamophobia in there as well?

May 06 12 - 8:17pm
No, you first

robert - you tell us first how the Buffett Rule will not only quench your class warfare thirst but also make a big dent in the deficit. I love the intellectual inconsistency of the rabid left.

Let me engage in a little debate on your level: You, robert, you're racist! Racist, I tell you! You're a racist, robert!

Also, just an observation, but since consumption of dog is not particularly associated with a racial group, it's a bit difficult to see that criticism as racist now, isn't it?

May 07 12 - 12:44am

Are you serious? You don't think consumption of dog is overwhelmingly associated with Asian people in specific and foreign/exotic/poor cuisine in general, in an extremely derogatory manner?

May 07 12 - 9:47am

Obama isn't Asian?

May 07 12 - 11:36am
Pew Researcher

"But if you question where he was born, whether he's American, whether he's a Christian, or are bothered by something he ate when he was a child, then you are a racist."

What an amazingly improper, incorrect and lazy assertion. A new low for you, robert.

Incidentally, taxing those who make over $250k/yr at 100% would not cover the deficit. Just thought I'd skewer another canard from the all-knowing but dumber-than-dirt robert.

May 07 12 - 12:17pm

Robert's exactly right, as is evidenced by your making a snotty little wisecrack and then changing the subject.

May 07 12 - 9:57pm
Kingston Trio

But then why should we put any value in anything you say, Kel? You don't even do minimal research before you comment.

The change of subject was simply to show that you and robert are total hacks.

May 07 12 - 12:17pm

@nope: None of these things would be an issue if he weren't black. It's not that being claimed to be a Muslim is racist in and of itself; it is that the claims are being levelled at Obama because he is black. That's the racism. (And, FWIW, I don't engage with trolls as a general rule, which is why I'm only replying to nope.)

May 07 12 - 9:59pm

You *are* a troll, robert. A know-nothing, sarcastic, no-it-all even as you know nothing little troll. It's time to call a spade a spade.

Oh! I'm such a racist! You're an ass, robert.