Was Rick Perry drunk for his New Hampshire speech last Friday?

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Texas Governor Rick Perry appeared in front of a conservative group in Manchester, NH on Friday to give a speech and hopefully drum up more support as the primary date draws near. Perry isn't exactly known for being flamboyant or super-expressive when he talks, which is why those who saw the appearance immediately noted that something seemed a bit… off. Why was he speaking with such a strange rhythm? Why did his sentences sometimes fade off into nothingness? Why was he using his hands as if he were Marcel Marceau?

One popular theory: dude was drunk. But don't just take their word for it! Instead, watch this highlight reel of Perry's oddest moments from the evening and judge for yourself:

Now, it's impossible to know if Gov. Perry was actually sauced for his talk. I'm sure he and his campaign would never admit to it if that was actually the case, and sometimes people just have off moments that make them act bizarrely out of character. Of course, whatever the reason, the point is that he was acting odd enough to seem drunk even if he wasn't, and some political commentators are saying that this performance might seriously undermine his viability as a candidate.

So congratulations, Mitt Romney: if you can go just a couple more months without coming off as insane, racist, woefully under-informed, or publicly intoxicated, this candidacy might actually be yours!