Watch: Anderson Cooper mops the floor with Republican birther

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Anderson Cooper vs. Leo Beaman

Is Anderson Cooper the best interviewer in TV news? There's a reason he's on CNN and 60 Minutes and soon getting his own talk show… and it's not the ratings. Cooper is a flawless host, not letting anyone weasel out of a hard question but not taking cheap shots or ever being unfair.

There's nothing I could add to that or to this, a brilliant clip from the other night's 360, during which Texas State Representative Leo Berman (R) does the dumbest thing imaginable: he references a bunch of horseshit he read in chain e-mails. No disrespect, Leo, but the service your country needs you to do now is publicly retract everything, admit today's Republican party could care less about facts, then simply go away.

This is more than 11 minutes long, but it's worth every second: