Watch: anti-Sharia Christians confront praying Muslim outside White House

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On Thursday, around 100 protesters assembled outside the White House to counter-demonstrate against a planned pro-Sharia rally by radical British Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary. After Choudary cancelled at the eleventh hour, Frank Gaffney, Jr., president of the American Center for Security Policy, led the protesters in a bullhorn denunciation of Choudary. According to Gaffney:

"Sharia is the theopolitical, military legal program that those that adhere to it seek to impose it on all of us. As they say: 'by stealth, where necessary, by violence, when practical.' We believe that this is a moment where it is imperative that the American people understand what peril this represents."

Pastor Terry Jones of "I almost burned a Koran" fame, was on hand to promote his new scheme, putting the Koran on trial on March 20, which he's declared "International Judge The Koran Day," inviting "Moslems" to come forward and prove that the Koran is a book of peace. Because, after all, the onus is on followers of Islam to prove themselves to the lunatic fringe, right? The man who repeatedly chants "USA!""USA!," as well as Jones, appears to be a fan of The Terminator, which is ironic when you juxtapose Arnold Schwarzenegger's political career with the xenophobic stirrings on display here.

As the rally was coming to an end, a Muslim man put knees and head to the ground in prayer, to the scorn of Christian onlookers who also dropped tiny crosses next to him, as if they were mockingly paying off a street performer with small change. A woman who said she had spent the last four years in the Middle East explained to protesters that, while they were harassing him, the man had been praying blessings upon their families in Arabic. I'm just glad this isn't a microcosm of broader America.