Watch: Barney Frank mocks conservative reporter after DADT “gay showering” question

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Barney Frank — the gay Congressman I'd most like to have as a dry and witty uncle — was asked a baited question about the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The question, from a conservative reporter at CNS, was about the alleged "showering together" that will take place between gay and straight soldiers after the repeal. 

The reporter obviously intended it to trip up Frank, but he answers it very well. His entire response is smart, but the real moment of genius is, after the reporter follows up, "So you don't think gay men and straight men showering together is a problem?" and Frank returns, "Well, we don't get ourselves dry cleaned."  

It's either the "Do we not bleed?" of our times, or a hilarious lament from a man who resents having to bathe himself with water. Genius, in either case.