At this point it's not really a surprise, per se, that a video exists of a Real Catholic TV anchor pinning America's only political hope on a new system of Christian dictatorship, but even so, watching Michael Voris S.T.B. explain that the "definitional" problem with democracy is that "everyone gets to vote" is... an experience. In a nutshell, Voris tells us that self-interested liberal voters are like a "cancer" in America, and that, as we have all learned from history, "the only way to run a country is by benevolent dictatorship." Go ahead and watch the video, experience some weird feelings about the state of the world, and ponder the fact the person who uploaded the original video goes by the username "OnKneesforJesus." Seriously.

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Jan 26 11 - 5:23pm

Let me be the first to say - Holy Shit!

Jan 26 11 - 5:29pm


Jan 26 11 - 5:39pm

that was awesome.

Jan 26 11 - 7:20pm

I see, Mr V. , so it was the benevolent dictators of the roman empire that led Europe out of the "morass of marauding barbarians"? Those wonderful god fearing Ceasers - who entertained the worthless rabble by killing Christians for sport, who crucified Jesus, who gave us Caligula, and Nero, and that whole noble "vomitorium" lifestyle? You betcha - I for one can't wait to be ruled by your godly pope. Let me know when you guys stop fucking little boys.

Jan 27 11 - 1:23am
Sure NotSure

This sanctimonious idiot shouldn't be allowed to vote.....

Jan 27 11 - 2:10am

This guy sickens me.

Jan 27 11 - 3:00am
Sher Jo

man, justin beiber's career has certainly taken an odd turn

Jan 27 11 - 3:27am

It is clear this man is using irony to make fun by using these silly arguement. Let see virtious men like Ted Haggard or ken hovlind or the child molester in the catholic church and the bishop that protected them, Rev Swaggart or peter popoff. He is being a comedian i think.

Jan 27 11 - 4:27am
Tom Goetz

This man likely has a core belief that his voice doesn't count. He's challenging this in two ways. 1) by subjecting us to his ranting. 2) by suggesting that others shouldn't have a voice. Just two sides of the coin for people who are traumatized at an early age. I would speculate that he grew up (or should we say got taller) in a large catholic family in which he was rarely heard... That is there were so many kids that he had no voice. Sadness. I hope that he puts down his copy of 'The Prince' and visits a therapist.

Jan 27 11 - 4:35am

Stan. I hope you are right.. i really, really hope you are right

Jan 27 11 - 5:17am

While I agree that a benevolent dictator would do a better job than most democracies, I believe it primarily because nut cases like him are allowed to vote.

Jan 27 11 - 5:46am

Same Country that gives you the right to speak your jibbersish and it or leave it...don't like it move to Europe

Jan 27 11 - 8:06am
Tonya Gullino

This is why I'm no longer Catholic.

Jan 27 11 - 9:48am
Mr. Jonathan Whisnant

Many civilizations have prospered without a frivolous believe in Christianity and many have been destroyed at the hand of Christianity. Just look at America's policy towards the American Indians or our imperialistic policies that began with the opening of japan by Commodore Sperry. This individual is operating from an idea that he is morally superior to those that do not share his belief system, yet his church shows no transparency and an affinity to molesting, while hiding behind the wall of religion.

Jan 27 11 - 11:31am
tony danza


Jan 27 11 - 11:44am
Willfully Obtuse

@ Wanker: "Go to Europe?" This guy could ONLY happen in America.

Jan 27 11 - 11:56am

It makes sense if you believe you're right and everyone else is wrong. It's really the only logical course for any Christian.

Jan 27 11 - 11:58am

Want to live in a dictatorship? North Korea is thatway ---->

Jan 27 11 - 12:16pm

This is a free country, and everyone, even morons like this get a voice, as I also cherish my right to call this moron a moron, but seriously?! No, no, no, no no Mr. Voris. In my opinion, you are simply not an American. You fail to embrace our most basic founding principles. You don't put air quotes around "rights" and call yourself one of us. I respect your right to speak your mind, but I don't respect you threatening my freedom. You don't walk into a bakery and order Chinese take-out. You don't live in America and advocate dictatorship. Go build your Christian Slave Nation, but do it elsewhere. You are not welcome here.

Jan 27 11 - 12:43pm

Sure NotSure said: "This sanctimonious idiot shouldn't be allowed to vote....."

Personally, I'm for stripping his right to free speech as well.

Jan 27 11 - 12:59pm

America tolerates all kinds of morons--case in point.

Jan 27 11 - 1:13pm

You know in a couple months he is going to be busted with drugs and a male prostitute. The world is so obvious sometimes.

Jan 27 11 - 1:20pm

who decides how much knowledge you will need to vote ?? will the people running for office have to prove that they are smart enough to lead us ?? do you have to be "religious" to be smart??.....just getting started

Jan 27 11 - 1:34pm


Jan 27 11 - 1:50pm
Mathieu J. Horula

The best part of being a Canadian? We don't have right wing nut jobs like this. The only way to describe that rhetoric is "Hitleresque." Thank god this Fuck-Wit will be cleansed from this earth when the rest of the world nukes the shit out of the USA. Sorry for the rest of you decent, good, Americans, but assholes like this ruined it for you. P.S. 10-1 odds this guy gets outed as a child molester inside of 6 months. Fuck, he's probably reaming a kid right now. Or getting a new hair piece.

Jan 27 11 - 2:48pm

Too bad his mother didn't believe in abortions...

Jan 27 11 - 2:53pm

I'd love to meet this guy in a dark alley....people who call themselves Christians who are this judgmental and ignorant make me angry like the Hulk.

Jan 27 11 - 3:29pm

This joker needs to spend a little more time looking in the mirror and doing something about that pudding bowl haircut.

Jan 27 11 - 5:36pm

Did I just hear someone say that unrighteous voters are a cancer on society that need to be eliminated? While this may be the logical conclusion of fundamentalist thought, it still breaks my heart a little to hear someone actually articulate such a vile thought and sincerely believe they are both virtuous and patriotic.

Jan 27 11 - 6:14pm
John Thomson

I don't see any irony or humor here.I'm sorry Stan but this guy is serious.Scary serious.

Jan 27 11 - 7:34pm

I think i like best that he himself makes an argument against himself having the right to vote by claiming that a "adolescent pre-occupation with self-absorption" should be a disqualification to vote..... like the "adolescent pre-occupation with self-absorption" that comes from being fixed on singular obsessive issues as some sort of solving is a panacea to all mankind's problems, or that the singular, unmovable position from a single solution being the correct answer that comes from adolescence that lacks the mental capacity and rationality to see an issue as its whole.

Heil Jesus, Heil Jesus!

That is the inherent psychopathic problem with all religions, at very least all Abrahamic religions, that they are simply vying to be the next oppressive authoritarian dictator.

Jan 27 11 - 10:24pm

@ Mathieu J. Horula
Apparently you've never been to Alberta or Saskatchewan. Plenty of redneck, dipshit "Christians" in both provinces who'd applaud this idiot's ideas. Canadian's have an over-inflated image of themselves and an overwhelming jealousy of everything American that they can't stop them,selves for saying stupid shit like you have here.

Jan 27 11 - 10:43pm

Seeing this makes me sad to think he is in the same faith community as I!

Jan 27 11 - 11:41pm
Yay! I'm virtuous!

I had a big post for this.. but fuck it.
You silly ass americans are something else... you fall for the most bullshit filled lies and then defend them like it's your god-given right...
if anything.. you should be ashamed of yourselves.
for being such brainwashed, foolish humans.
remember.. you're not from north america either.. we're all terrorists. according to your gov.
free the people and speak truth.
how hard is that?

Jan 28 11 - 12:58pm

gazbo. i don't think he was refering to roman emperors, more likely byzantine emperors or later medieval monarchs. secondly, i think saying christians were killed for sport is probably an exaggeration. thirdly, i don't think you understand what a vomitorium is.

Jan 28 11 - 12:59pm

oh, and it is spelled 'caesar'

Jan 28 11 - 1:04pm

another point, but directed at the catholic guy, there is a strong claim that western society was not 'created' under medieval kings or whatever the fuck he was talking about, but has its true roots under a democracy in classical athens

Jan 28 11 - 3:41pm


Yes, my adolescent self-absorption prompts me, a heterosexual woman, to vote for candidates who are pro-same-sex marriage. I am thinking only of myself when I, a white woman, support legislation that benefits minorities. How dare I disregard the impact on society when I advocate freedom of speech for everyone, including this asshole?

Jan 28 11 - 4:05pm

The system of government he is asking for already exists. It's called Iran.

Feb 05 11 - 1:00am

the only enemies of humanity are other humans. This guy is one of the people who stand among those who are the enemies of humanity. His kind would be the ones supporting any dictatorship that goes along with his selfish self-absorbed rules and wants....
Welcome to the real world folks, they are out there just waiting for an opportunity...they are the evil of humanity

Apr 16 11 - 6:40pm

this is the most dangerous think happening in our country today.
the political right have highjacked many like him. and they distort the true
meaning of religion.

Jul 30 11 - 3:33pm

Religion is not something that is voted on. It is an individual’s belief in how God wants them to live their lives and worship Him. God is not a dictator; He has given all mankind the right to choose, from Adam and Eve even to the end of the world. You talk about taking the rights of ignorant people, but for the most part the Catholic Church created this ignorance by outlawing the Bible for over 1000 year with the purpose of controlling the ignorant people that they created. The Catholic Church and all of the churches that fallow her are the champions of ignorance and faults doctrine and are leading their congregations away from God and His true word and laws.