Watch: Donald Trump gives diet tips for pizza-eaters

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There were a lot of things the general public found awkward and questionable about Sarah Palin and Donald Trump's recent rendezvous at a Times Square Famiglia restaurant, but perhaps chief among them was Trump's painfully lame decision to eat his pizza with a fork and knife. (Jon Stewart in particular had a thing or two to say about it).

For fear of losing any cred he had left as a New Yorker or functional adult, Trump has now released a vlog — yes, he vlogs — explaining himself. "This way you can take the top of the pizza off, you're not just eating the crust," Trump explains in the above clip. "I like not to eat the crust, so that we keep the weight down at least as good as possible." I'm not really sure that makes sense, but whatever, at least he didn't go into detail about his undoubtedly meticulous blotting-the-oil-with-a-napkin technique.

And, while he had the cameras rolling, he also tossed in some very specific inside information on his new friend Sarah's next political moves: "If she did run [for President], I think she'd really be a factor. One thing I can tell you, she loves the United States, and she doesn't like what's happening to us right now as a nation." I think we've all learned something here today.