Watch: Dying Christopher Hitchens destroys Tony Blair in debate over religion

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Christopher Hitchens Tony Blair debate

At Friday night's Munk Debates in Toronto, Christopher Hitchens defeated Tony Blair in a debate over the question: "Is religion a force for good in the world?" 68% of the 2,700 audience members said they came out of the discussion believing religion is not a force for good, while Blair managed to persuade only 32% of the crowd.

(Coming into the debate, the vote was 57% against, with the rest in favor or undecided.)

Of course, the real star of the show was the cancer that has ravaged Hitchens. He sounded feisty and as vital as ever, although his esophageal cancer and ensuing treatments have devastated his body and appearance.

Never mind all that. Get straight to the good stuff, with these clips below. (I'll go in order with the first two of eight YouTube videos making up the entire hour-and-a-half debate, although you can skip the first few minutes if you want to get straight to the opening remarks.)

Whatever you do, don't miss Hitchens joking about circumcision at about 9:30 in the first clip:

…Blair's opening remarks continued: