Watch GOP presidential contender Herman Cain sing “Imagine There’s No Pizza”

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Look, GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain and I don't agree on many things. For instance, I don't think we should put up an electrified border fence that would kill people trying to come into the United States illegally. (Though he now claims the comment was a joke. Haha?) I think his 9-9-9 tax plan is overly simplistic. I think his views on abortion are wrong (and supremely muddled).

But you know what we do agree on? This world would be one fucking depressing place if there was no such thing as pizza. Sing it, Herman!

Of course, Cain and I are so naturally opposed to one another that I can't even sign on to all of his claims in a pizza-themed parody of "Imagine." Because while I would mourn the loss of pizza, I can't say I'd be sad about eating burgers and tacos and fried chicken all the time. (Dead of heart disease, sure. But not sad.) I guess that means he's really lost my vote.