Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at the Women in the World summit this weekend — attendees included Tina Brown, Madeleine Albright, Meryl Streep, and Nancy Pelosi — and took a moment to address the extremists who target women both abroad and at home. Clinton has gone to bat for women in her role as head of foreign policy for the Obama administration, but it's pretty clear that she's referring to the recent attacks on freedom of choice and access to contraception. Clinton has mostly kept her profile low when it comes to politics in the U.S. for the last three years, so it's a rare treat to see her address such matters so directly and forcefully:

Prior to the speech, Clinton was introduced by Streep, who commended the hard work the Secretary of State has done while the rest of us were busy analyzing her clothing choices and wondering if she hadn't been sleeping enough. She also included an amazing humble brag that I absolutely must share:

“This is what you get when you play a world leader,” said Streep, brandishing her recent Best Actress Oscar. “And this is what you get when you are one,” she said, waving Clinton onto the stage.

Yes Meryl, we know it was a long time coming. You don't have to keep rubbing your award in our faces.

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Mar 12 12 - 6:12pm

Oh, did she take on James Carville for saying "Drag a $100 bill through a trailer camp and there's no telling what you will find." when referring to a woman who filed a sexual harassment suit against a powerful man? tee-hee ...

Mar 12 12 - 7:51pm

Right, because a pig's comment is just the same as legislation written by pigs. I hope you get paid well for your own comments, pig.

Mar 12 12 - 7:57pm

There are more important things going on in the world than your coochie.
And I, unlike Bill Clinton am not a pig, not the least because I never raped a women like Bill Clinton did.

Mar 12 12 - 8:21pm

You apparently never took a grammar lesson, either.

Mar 12 12 - 10:58pm

So in other words, because James Carville said something stupid and offensive, it's ok to enact laws mandating the rape of women with vaginal ultrasound probes. Yeah, that makes sense -- if you're an imbecile.

Mar 13 12 - 9:41am

Well the ultrasound are a state law, the birth control is a federal law.
Two different groups of idiots.

But on the control of women how about looking up title X and learning just how available contraceptives are in this country.

How about the fact that the majority of health insurance plans offer contraceptive coverage.

No one is making contraceptives unavailable. No one is taking anyone's rights away.

Unless for some reason you think it's a right to not have to pay for an item that most of the time is not prescribed for health reasons.

I had over the counter eye drops prescribed after surgery, they were covered on that occasion by my insurance plan, but I don't expect them to be covered because I get a case of dry eye once or twice a year.

Mar 13 12 - 9:51am
gestabse said

Greg, since you're not a pig, how about you tell you repiglican friends to stop legislating on coochies, since there are more important things going on in the world?

Mar 13 12 - 10:08am

If you don't buy me beer, you're for prohibition. That makes you an extremist. Get your laws off my liver.