Watch Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh scream at his constituents

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Freshman Teapublican Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois, a vocal opponent of President Obama who complains about the government's fiscal irresponsibility while owing more than $100,000 in child-support payments, held a "town hall" meeting at the UNO bar and grill in suburban Gurnee, Illinois on Sunday. A number of topics were discussed, but things got especially lively at the sparsely-attended "Cup of joe with Joe Walsh" event when conversation turned to the subject of big banks' role in the financial collapse.

In the video, you can see the passion that got Walsh elected, as he harangues constituents about government meddling in the marketplace, screaming that big banks respond to government policies, so don't blame banks or the marketplace for the mess we're in, he's "tired of hearing that crap," it pisses him off. And asking about the interest-conflicting presence of bank lobbyists in Congress, as well as other financial regulatory agencies, really set him off. You want more regulation? You want more Dodd-Frank? Hell no!

The woman in the denim jacket, Melissa, makes some salient and articulate points, seeming to get the better of the congressman. (Maybe she should run for office.) When Walsh turns on the U.S. Postal Service, claiming he's "tired of propping it up," and asks Melissa why they can't just go out and compete, she responds that there's a universal delivery that must be provided to stimulate economies in rural areas where UPS and FedEx aren't servicing residents. Though he's a little testy, I appreciate that Walsh doesn't shy away from an up-close-and-personal, substantive back-and-forth with people who may disagree with him. But no "Rocky Mountain Way?"