Watch: Jane Lynch wants Sarah Palin to sing on Glee and Glenn Beck to die on House

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Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester on Glee, from Fox.

New York media types love to congregate in large groups, label the congregation some sort of "conference" or "week," and charge people to watch them talk about themselves. This year, Jane Lynch managed to penetrate the Wall Street Journal's D9 (the ninth edition of the paper's All Things Digital conference), where she declared herself "acting CEO of News Corp." In addition to adding comic strips to the Journal, Lynch announced a plan to spice up Fox's broadcast programming by pulling in some talent from the cable-news division — namely Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. As she told the crowd,

“I’ve also convinced Glenn Beck to stay on at Fox for one final gig — as a dying patient on House, with a horrendous malady. His sickness is consuming him from the inside out. … Though not firm as of yet, we are pretty sure we got Sarah Palin to do a guest spot on Glee. She’ll be singing an original tune that I penned. It’s called, ‘Look at Me, I’m Batshit Crazy.'"

Hey-o! Watch the video below to see Lynch Colbert it up some more.