Watch: Leaked footage from new anti-Palin documentary

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Controversial documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield is shopping around a scathing documentary on everybody's favorite fake Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. A one-minute clip from the film — containing interviews with Palin's former legislative director, John Bitney, and senate president, Lyda Green — was leaked to the press, and it seems her former staff, at the very least, doubt Governor Palin's sincere interest in Alaskan politics.

Broomfield achieved fame with gritty documentaries such as Kurt & Courtney and Tupac & Biggie. He notably doubted the particulars surrounding Kurt Cobain's suicide and insinuated foul play. (I'm hoping this film will be heavy on that whole "Trig is really Bristol's baby" conspiracy.)

For this film, he interviewed Palin's friends and parents, as well as some irritated ex-employees. While the leaked footage is nothing sensational, and I doubt the film will tell us anything we don't already know or suspect about the former governor, it should be an interesting foil to the pro-Palin film The Undefeated, set for world release June 29. Bonus: check out the poster for the The Undefeated. It's creepy.