Watch: Matt Damon pontificates on education and politics

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Over the weekend, in-between Bieber and Cyrus stories, you may have seen that Matt Damon flew in from a Canadian film set to support his schoolteacher mother and give a rousing speech at the Save Our Schools March in Washington D.C. He spoke with passion, doing a number on standardized testing, and showing love for the public-school system and his early teachers.

In post-speech interviews, he sympathized with President Obama, who he had campaigned with in 2008, although he has lately had criticisms of the job Obama is doing. He also did the standard I'm-a-rich-guy-and-even-I-think-the-rich-should-be-taxed-more thing. But I believe it when Damon says it. He put his mouth where his money was, and stuck up for teachers in person. He's also publicly supported the Scott Walker recall effort.

People speculate about Matt Damon flirting with political office a la Alec Baldwin, perhaps thinking, if "Gopher" from The Love Boat could… (I know, Grandy went to Harvard like Al Franken.) The one good thing about a Damon-Affleck ticket would be all the juicy pro-gambling legislation. But the rigors of a campaign, combined with an heightened sensitivity when it comes to certain questions, could be a potential roadblock. In the clip, Damon rails against "MBA-style thinking" and the notion of tenure as a demotivating factor, calling out a reporter and cameraman in the process.