Watch: Mike Huckabee’s delightfully insane historical cartoons

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Mike Huckabee was tired of what he considered the "blame America first" version of history we're force feeding our nation's youth in socialist indoctrination centers public schools these days, so he decided to do something about it. Which is what led him to create, a place where children can learn the real history of the United States, in which our fair country get the kick ass portrayal it deserves. And how will they learn it? Through a hilariously weird series of animated history lessons that look almost as good as those Taiwanese news segments, natch.

You have to pay for them to see the full video — laaaaame — but thankfully, there are preview clips available. Like this one, in which some kids travel back in time on… bikes, I guess, and learn how Ronald Reagan saved us from knife-wielding men in tank-tops that read "DISCO":

I'm learning things already! For instance, I didn't know that President Reagan was a founding member of the California Raisins. Thank you, Mike Huckabee. You've finally made history worthwhile.