Watch Mitt Romney sing “America the Beautiful”

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Ever the man of the people, Mitt Romney led a sing-along at a Florida event yesterday, serenading the crowd with "America the Beautiful." Do you feel the patriotic chills that I do right now? Can you sense that this long-suffering candidate is about to humiliate Newt Gingrich with a victory in the Florida primaries?

Look at this, just a regular old America-loving American singing a beloved song about this great nation of ours, so in tune with the common man that he doesn't really need to be in tune in any other, more relevant sense. Maybe we misjudged him after all!

Wait, what's that? Did he just inform the crowd that there are two more fancy verses to the song that he won't ask them to sing "because you don't know all the words?" Maybe he really is an elitist monster, after all.