Watch: Newt Gingrich gets assaulted with glitter

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Meet Robert Erickson, a.k.a your new hero. In one of the most flamboyantly awesome acts of protest we've seen in awhile, the gay activist doused Newt Gingrich with a bucket's worth of glitter. The sparkly barrage went down at a dinner sponsored by the notoriously homophobic Minnesota Family Council. It might seem like a slight meaningless action (and maybe it is), and yet it is so amusing and almost rewarding in its stealth and glitz.

Plus, with glitter being the herpes of arts and crafts supplies, Newt's likely to find flecks in his hair well into his 2012 presidential campaign. As seen in the video, the protestors were quickly escorted off the premises by a very stern and creepy man. His words of warning are eerily robotic, but don't let that put a damper on your glitter high.