Watch: Tea Party protesters not bothered by gay marriage

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Tea Party Protesters

As attitudes change about same-sex marriage across the country, the Tea Partiers have jumped on the bandwagon. Or so it would seem, if you watch this video of Tea Baggers at a protest in New Hampshire answering the question, "Have you noticed a change in the state since they passed the gay-marriage law?" Think Progress polled the crowd at the protest and got some surprising answers; nobody seemed to care at all that same-sex marriage was legal in their state. One protester went as far as to say, "Love is love." This coming from a group that came out eighty-two percent against gay marriage in a University of Washington poll done just last year.

What's interesting is that small, un-intrusive government — the Tea Party's central tenet — and staying the hell away from decisions made by two consenting adults go pretty much hand in hand. And yet, while this is refreshing to see, I'm not getting carried away. The vast majority of Tea Party "Patriots" are still firmly against gay marriage, and even if that's changing, the leaders of the movement are certainly vocal in their opposition. 

Which is a shame. I never thought I'd say it, but I hope that someday soon Tea Partiers everywhere will share the attitude of these few gentlemen. Ironically, it'd move us one step closer to their professed goal of returning this country to greatness.