You shouldn't have to know someone personally to support their basic civil rights, but taking an issue out of the abstract and into the real world always seems to help change minds. By that logic, the Campaign for Southern Equality's new WE DO Campaign should go a long way, thanks to these endearing, heartbreaking new videos of gay couples applying and getting rejected for North Carolina marriage licenses.

As part of a planned campaign, same-sex couples have been coming to the county register's office in Asheville, North Carolina for the past ten days requesting marriage licenses with the knowledge that under state law they will be denied. The officials rejecting them seem surprisingly sympathetic to the cause (even as they're turning the couples away), but also pretty uncomfortable to be filmed for the project.  The campaign is very timely, and as WE DO's website explains:

"[The campaign]  takes place as statewide debate intensifies about a proposed amendment to the North Carolina constitution that would ban marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples."

Here's hoping this classic protest tactic actually makes a difference. In the meantime, check out the video above and get ready to cry a little bit at your desk.

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Oct 14 11 - 3:20pm

I cried through the entire video. Thanks, Virginia.

Oct 14 11 - 5:37pm
Virginia Smith

Glad you liked it, I'm always looking for new ways to bring my coworkers to tears.

Oct 14 11 - 5:25pm

My opinion is that gay marriage is immoral and should remain illegal.

Oct 14 11 - 8:43pm


Oct 14 11 - 5:43pm

This video is ridiculous. They knew going in that they were going to be denied so all of their tears are bullshit. I'd bet money that all of those "couples" were actors hired to make a point and pull on everyone's heart strings.

Oct 14 11 - 8:56pm

Real or actors, they're still making a legit point - for a nation so proud of "liberty and justice for all" so many people are denied the basic liberty of marrying who they love, or the justice of legally protecting their loved ones in terms of insurance benefits, inheritance etc, which is a large part of what marriage provides. If you want to throw religion into the mix, go ahead, but don't deny these people a civil marriage with the all the civil rights that entials, regardless of the fact that the pastor or priest may or may not refuse a religious wedding in his (or her) church

Oct 15 11 - 2:58pm

Nah, only we make the astroturf videos.

Oct 15 11 - 4:14pm

What the fuck are you even talking about, dumbass?

Oct 15 11 - 10:51pm

I'm sorry, were you looking at me?

Oct 15 11 - 11:41pm

Because yes, I am a complete dumbass.

Oct 16 11 - 2:57pm
Failed Trolling

Nice comeback. Not.

Oct 15 11 - 11:44pm

The best part is that regardless of what the future brings, I will always be able to watch this video and laugh and laugh. Especially at the two old broads who will die before they see their dream come true.

Oct 16 11 - 2:57pm
Douchebag Award

Goes to you!

Nov 20 11 - 1:04pm

Economies are in dire sartits, but I can count on this!

Nov 22 11 - 9:54pm

A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this inrfomtaion.

Nov 24 11 - 5:54am

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Nov 30 11 - 2:10pm

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