For the love of money: feel depressed about your income with this new web tool

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In case you weren't sure whether you're über-rich, pedestrian rich, or just poor, the Wall Street Journal has a new gadget to quick-check your yearly income against the rest of America in honor of Occupy Wall Street.

So, let's test this out. Completely theoretically, let's say that someone is working in web writing, armed with a worthless, esoteric degree in Comparative Literature. Let's say they also had, I don't know… a nannying job in Carroll Gardens on the side. Where might they fit in?

My embarrassing income, theoretically

I can't decide whether that's more depressing or less depressing than I thought it would be. 

There are a couple of problems with the calculator. I'm no math whiz, but I think assets (let's say, theoretically, this writer/nanny had a set of very fine, heavy-bottomed cookware and a French reconstruction cabinet, or a considerably well-appointed house in the Hamptons) would probably factor into where you'd fall on the scale. But the upside to this poorly made web tool is, if you've got a lot of student loans… 

Student loans make you richer

… then it looks like you're doing pretty well.